Crocker County crowns a new Corn Queen every year, but Jane Willow's the one you would remember. She can't forget Iowa either. Even though she fled to LA to become a film critic years ago, home was always there behind her.

But when a family tragedy strikes, she's forced to drive back to Crocker County. The rolling farmlands can't much hide the things she left behind: the best friend she abandoned who now runs a meatloaf hotline, the childhood front porch that sits hauntingly empty, and that fiasco of a Corn Fest that spun her life in a different direction.

Before Jane can escape her past a second time, disaster strikes, and she will have to find a way to right her mistakes and save herself from her regrets. An unflinching love letter to the Midwest that unfolds through a celebration of movies, this ferociously endearing novel brings home the saving grace of second chances.


Elizabeth Leiknes grew up in rural Iowa and can make thirty-seven dishes featuring corn. She attended The University of Iowa as an undergrad, and received her master's in writing from The University of Nevada, Reno. Her previous books have received Starred Reviews from Kirklist Reviews and Booklist. She lives with her husband and two sons near Lake Tahoe.

 The Lost Queen of Crocker County is agented by Stephanie Rostan.

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